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Amidst all the choice out there, finding the best blackjack online casino can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in! Read more to find out the best casino sites for blackjack, and learn about the odds, rules, best strategies and more.

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What Is Real-Money Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games in existence. It originated in French Casino in the 1700s, and quickly found its way to the US, becoming highly popular in Vegas. It has since also become a mainstay at virtually any brick-and-mortar casino or online casino.

The game itself grants payouts of one-and-a-half times (for a regular win) or twice your stake (for win by blackjack).

Real-money blackjack means playing with real funds at an online or land-based casino.

To play blackjack online, simply sign up at the best blackjack casino that suits your playing style, and then make a minimum deposit. Being that the latter would be your first, Casino often offer a deposit bonus as a way of thanking you for you custom.

With real-money blackjack at an online casino there are plenty of variations to choose from, which you can play for large sums or just for a few £/$/$.

How Do You Play Real-Money Blackjack?

If you have never played blackjack before, you will be glad to know that the rules are quite simple.

First, you will be dealt two cards face up. The dealer deals himself two cards, with one face down. You will then get the choice to Hit (take another card), Stand (stay at your current card), Split (double your stake, only for two identical cards), or Surrender (give up your hand to receive half of your stake).

Now, if your hand is 21, you win blackjack. If you are closer to 21 than the dealer, you win. If the dealer has a hand of 21 or is closer to 21 than yours, the house wins.

Keep in mind that, no matter how many players there are at the table (there can be up to seven), it’s just you playing against the dealer.

Read on for a more in-depth look at the rules and gameplay.

How To Play Real-Money Blackjack

  1. Sign up at a blackjack online casino and make a deposit.
  2. Choose a blackjack game from the lobby.
  3. Place your initial bet.
  4. Decide whether to ‘hit' or ‘stand' trying to get as close as possible to 21.
  5. The dealer reveals his cards, upon which the winner will be revealed.

Blackjack Game Variations You Can Play Online

At blackjack online Casino, you will notice that the game has plenty of variations to offer.

While the fundamental rules do not change that much, several versions of the game have special rules or gameplay changes to make them more unique.

Often, the best advice is to look for the variant with the lowest house edge; however, there is usually not a big difference between different games, so you might want to look for entertainment value as well. After all, you should enjoy yourself while playing!

Below are just a few of the blackjack versions you might find online.

  • Free Online Blackjack

Many online casino games – including most slots and table games – have a free-to-play or demo mode, with blackjack being just one of them. All you have to do is sign up and play at one of the several websites and apps that offer it (non-UK players can do so without registering).

  • Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular forms of real-money blackjack, and is hosted by a real-life live dealer or croupier. Some of these games, such as Lightning Blackjack or Infinite Blackjack, have special rules that include multipliers or special side bets.

  • Mobile Blackjack

A mobile blackjack online casino has software adapted to all types and sizes of screens, giving you an optimal experience from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. These days, most top casino sites have an excellent mobile version or app, ensuring that all types of players are well-catered for.

  • Virtual Blackjack

While blackjack online Casino often have live versions of the game, almost all have virtual blackjack as well. Here, you play against the computer, as opposed to a real-life dealer.

The game is kept fair thanks to an RNG (Random Number Generator). While the basic rules remain the same, some versions may also offer extra side bets, multipliers, or bonus prizes.

  • Perfect Blackjack

While a blackjack strategy chart may be an excellent way to know when to hit or to stand, with Perfect Blackjack, you will not need it. In this version of the game, you will automatically be told what the best strategy is, ensuring you always know which choice will make for the lowest house edge.

Blackjack Rules

While there are different rules for the game, most top online blackjack Casino use Atlantic City and Las Vegas rules, as well as multiple decks to discourage card counting.

The aim of blackjack is to get 21 or as close to 21 without going over it, while beating the dealer's hand.

We have got you covered with our list of top, trustworthy online Casino are regulated by the most reputable jurisdictions out there. Our team works with the best casino affiliates from around the world in order to offer you the best gambling experience!

Blackjack Rules
  • The aim of the game is to beat the dealer's hand while getting close to or 21 exactly, without going over it.
  • Cards have different values. Regular number cards have their number as value, while Face cards are valued at 10. Aces can be worth either 1 or 11, meaning they are the best card to have.
  • The player and dealer are each dealt two cards. The player’s cards are visible, while one of the dealer’s cards is hidden until the end of the game.
  • The player can decide their own strategy by choosing between five options:
    • Hit (take another card)
    • Stand (at the your current card)
    • Split (double your stake, only for 2 identical cards)
    • Surrender (give up your hand to receive half of your stake)
    • Double (double your stake, only available on the first move)
  • The first two are the most common. If the player reaches 21, he wins blackjack. If he goes over, he is ‘bust', and the house wins regardless.
  • The dealer is instructed to automatically stand at 16 or 17.
  • Payouts:
    • Blackjack pays out at 3/2 (sometimes 2)
    • Regular win pays out at 5/4

Blackjack Odds

If a good strategy is used, online blackjack enjoys one of the lowest house edges for any casino table game. Typically, the blackjack house edge stands at 0.4062% when played with a 6-deck shoe..

This means that over time, the casino will win just 4p of every £10 wagered. Having a good grasp of how blackjack odds work will give you the best chance of taking home some winnings.

The below blackjack odds table shows your hand values and the chances of going bust if you ask for another card.

Keep in mind that the house edge only comes about from the dealer’s last act. Therefore, you need a good understanding of both your own bust probability, combined with that of the dealer, to increase your chances of winning at a real-money blackjack casino.

Different online Casino will have different rule variations. However, there is one thing they all do, and that’s changing the house edge. As the below table shows, negative values serve to decrease the house edge, and positive values will increase it.

Blackjack Strategy

While real-money blackjack largely depends on chance, there is still a degree of strategy involved. It often helps to know when to hit or stand, and when it is a good idea to split or double.

Read our online blackjack strategy guide for an in-depth look at the best way to play the game, as well as charts that will decrease the blackjack online casino’s house edge. You will also learn the ins and outs of card counting and staking strategies.

Blackjack Tips

As you may know, there are rules for every hand in play as to whether you should hit, stand, double down or fold. But, even at the most basic level, there are a few rules set in stone that will help you for any online blackjack real-money game.

Tips to consider:

Merely knowing the mechanics of how to play online real-money blackjack, along with the rules, will only take you so far. Because the game changes with every new hand, it’s imperative that you know when to surrender, stand, hit, double down or split.

At the best blackjack casino, you’ll find plenty of online strategy cards which will illustrate the optimum play for each position. This is the only way to reduce the house edge.

This is probably the most common mistake made by newbie players. The thinking behind such a move is that, by splitting either face cards or aces, they can double their profits.

However, probability tells us that this is a bad move. Swapping a highly probable chance of winning with a 20, for the risk of losing double your wager if you don’t get the right cards in the draw, is a sign of bad math!

A pair of aces is a horrible hand, as you have 16. By splitting these, you will increase your possibility of receiving at least one good hand if you get a face card.

A 1, 2, or a 3 are all great cards together with an 8. If you have a pair of Aces, then splitting them in the hope of seeing a 7, 8, 9, or 10 is a much better option than their initial value of either 2 or 12.

The many variations of the blackjack come with the possibility of making side bets. The problem is that all of these will come with a much higher house edge, thus reducing the game’s overall RTP. We strongly suggest that you stay well away from side bets – this includes taking insurance or even money bets.

With so many different variations of real-money blackjack, it’s important that you seek out the best blackjack casino with the highest Return to Player rate. This will make managing your bankroll easier, as well as help prolong your playing time.

Playing at a busy table is always better than playing one-to-one against the dealer. The reason is that the game will be slower, meaning fewer hands played per hour. Your bankroll will also last longer, as it has less exposure to the house edge.

A soft hand contains an Ace, and can be counted as a 1 or as a 11. A hard hand either has no Ace – if it does, it’s counted as a 1, not as 11. You won't go bust so easily when hitting on a soft hand.

Always keep in mind that the whole game is just between you and the dealer. Therefore, don’t let any other player put you off, and remember that you’re not competing against them.

As you’re playing real-money blackjack, you’ll find that the best Casino will be offering you bonuses to take a seat at their blackjack table. Ensure you make use of the biggest bonuses you can find, as this will help your bankroll last longer.

This really concerns the number of card decks in play. A multi-deck game will pay out at 3:2; a single-deck game at 6:5. The payout difference on a £10 wager means that, with the former, you’ll receive £15, but with the latter, only £12. Never play at a single-deck table, as the house edge will be much higher.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to touch the cards! If you do, you’ll be ejected from the game. The dealer is the only person permitted to touch the cards. The only thing you’re permitted to handle is your chips.

Never wager more than you can afford. Blackjack is a fast-paced game, and you can quickly lose sight of just how much you’re spending. We suggest that you have a preset budget before you start playing. Likewise, only bet a small percentage of your overall budget for each round. Don’t fall into the mental trap of chasing your losses.

Blackjack Bonuses

Claiming a blackjack online casino bonus can enhance your bankroll, enabling you to play for longer. In many cases, the bonus acts as a “parachute”, meaning you can use it after you have lost your stake. You can also wager your bonus for a second chance at winning real money.

The welcome deposit bonus and the no deposit bonus are two examples of the most popular bonuses in any casino. Some casino sites also offer specific live casino bonuses.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

Many Casino offer a no deposit bonus – a rare offer that, as the name implies, doesn't require you to deposit any funds in order to be claimed. While it often comes in the form of a few free spins, it does sometimes come as a cash sum, which you can use the next time you play blackjack.

  • Welcome Bonuses

After signing up as a new customer to a casino site, you are usually entitled to a welcome bonus. This generally falls anywhere between $/$/£ 100 and 500, along with a few free spins.

If you decide to play Bitcoin blackjack at crypto Casino, this bonus can be as much as 1 BTC! Often, live dealer games are excluded, but you can still use the bonus to play table games like real-money blackjack, baccarat or roulette.

  • Live Casino Bonuses

While live casino games are often excluded from most promotions, some blackjack online Casino offer specific live casino bonuses, which are very popular with blackjack enthusiasts.

Good to Remember: Good to Remember:

Always pay attention to wagering requirements before claiming any bonus. These will tell you on which games you need to wager your bonus, how much you need to wager, and how many times you need to do so.

How We Rated the Best Casino for Online Blackjack

Below are some of the criteria we used when compiling our above list of the best blackjack Casino online:

Rating the best Casino in the following ways::

The bigger the welcome bonus, the larger your bankroll, and the longer you can play. We’ve chosen the Casino offering bonuses and promotions that are not only highly generous, but also have minimum wagering requirements.

As you’re going to be playing blackjack with real money, then it’s of paramount importance that the online casino has robust security in place. Your personal and banking details need to be protected by the latest encryption technology.

On another level, we ensure that all the top blackjack sites listed here all hold reputable licences from renowned authorities, the most trustworthy of which are the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

The best blackjack casino will have games independently audited by autonomous third-party testing companies like iTech Labs and eCOGRA. Afterwards, assuming that they pass this test, a fairness certificate will be issued. This ensures that no scams are taking place and that your finances will be protected.

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to take out your mobile device and start playing online blackjack, anywhere and at any time. We test all mobile sites to ensure that the interface operates smoothly on a touchscreen, and that the response time is intuitive and glitch-free.

You can’t win money unless you’re playing with money! We’ve contrasted and compared a wide number of online blackjack Casino to find those which will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You deserve only the best online experience, meaning the best products available out there that also offer the best payouts.

Free games allow you to practise and perfect your playing skills, without the need to sign up (for non-UK players) or download any programs.

We've scrutinised each site's casino games selection and all free blackjack games for ease of use, as well as their enjoyment factor. As there’s no money involved, you’re free to experiment with new strategies without any stress.

No one wants to be left waiting for an overly long time to receive their winnings. The best blackjack casino will offer fast payout options, accepting a huge number of different payment methods through which you can get hold of your money.

We take responsible gambling very seriously. To that end, all the best blackjack sites that we recommend have tools in place to help prevent problem gambling. All these sites will have links to support groups, such as Gamblers Anonymous.

Ideally, you'd never need to contact customer support in the first place. However, little issues cropping up every now and then is inevitable, so it’s important that you’re able to speak to a real person, no matter the time of day or night.

Whether it’s a question about the welcome bonus or deposit methods, you should be met with a competent, polite, and cheerful service agent, who will solve your queries quickly and without undue fuss.

Blackjack Glossary

Stand If you think that your cards are strong enough to win, then you can ‘stand' and wait for the online computer to keep playing. It will either beat you or go ‘bust' by going over 21.
Hit After the initial first two cards have been dealt, you can “hit” if you want another. If you feel you can get even closer to 21, you can hit again for another card.
Split If your initial two cards are of the same face value, you can change the one hand into two, and can bet on both hands.
Double After receiving the initial first two cards, and if you feel you just need one more card, then you can double your bet.
Blackjack This is the best hand, and includes a face card with the value of 10 plus an ace. If you get a blackjack with your first two cards, this is known as a ‘natural.'
Insurance This is also known as ‘even money.' If you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace on display, then you can ask for an even money bet. The payout is 1 to 1.
First Base If you’re seated on the dealer’s immediate left, then you’re first base. You’ll get your cards first.
Hole Card The card that is left face down. When the player has decided how to act, then the hole card is revealed.
Surrender If you see from your initial cards you have no hope of winning, then you can surrender – in which case, you’ll receive back half your initial wager.
Upcard This is the dealer’s card that is left face up.
Bust Having a total count of over 21.
Push A tie-break. Both the player and the dealer have the same hand with the same total.
Shoe A device from which the cards are dealt. It normally holds multiple decks of cards.
Basic Strategy Player actions that ensure the best player odds.
Soft Any hand that includes an ace valued at 11 instead of 1.
Regular Win The value of your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s. It pays out at 1:1.
Blackjack Win When your cards are 21. It pays out at 3:2.

The Best Blackjack Online Casino – Summary

If you want to play blackjack at an online casino, there are plenty of sites out there that feature a wide variety of live dealer blackjack and virtual blackjack games, as well as live casino bonuses.

Don't forget to first familiarise yourself with the rules and to read up on some basic strategy for an optimal experience!

Real Money Blackjack Casino FAQs

Yes, of course! Most online Casino allow you to play real-money blackjack.

You can find the best blackjack online casino for 2022 on our list at the top of this page.

Yes, provided that online gambling is not prohibited in your country and you play at a licensed site.

No. As long as you play at a licensed blackjack online casino, you can be sure the games are not rigged. Games have to go through a vigorous process of screening to ensure game fairness and random outcomes.

In blackjack, your odds of winning are overall about 42.22%. The chance of loss is 49.10% and the chance of a tie is 8.48%.

There may be apps through which you can do this. However, these will likely be social games, meaning you cannot win real money. Additionally, unlike poker, blackjack is a game played between the house and the player.

Yes! Most blackjack online Casino have live dealer games.

Absolutely! All the best blackjack Casino have made sure that their games are available across all devices, whether desk-bound or mobile. The top online blackjack real-money Casino have been optimised for the small screen for a great playing experience.

Well, you could try, however it would not be easy. In real-money blackjack games with live dealers, multiple decks are used, as well as card shuffling machines. At land-based Casino, card counting is frowned upon, and may even get you banned if you're caught doing it.

Yes. At most online Casino we recommend, you can play virtual blackjack in demo mode, without making any deposits or using any real money. In fact, we suggest that you spend time playing blackjack for free in order to perfect your strategy before you venture into the best real-money blackjack Casino.



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