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10 Best Jackpot Slots to Boost Your Casino Game in 2022

Are jackpots the ultimate casino reward to strive for? Our answer is a solid yes! With their huge prize pools, jackpot slots have turned average players into literal millionaires.

Top 10 Jackpot Slots in 2022

Hall of Gods

     Bonus Game, Progressive Jackpot, Scatter symbols, Wild

We love

A progressive jackpot along with expanding reels, as well as free spins feature and bonus game


Divine Fortune Megaways

     FreeSpins, Megaways, Multiway (+1024), Respin Wild, Respins, Scatter symbols, Wild

We love

Terrific expanding wilds in free spins


African Legends

     Avalanche / Cascading wins, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multiplier, Progressive Jackpot, Scatter symbols, Wild

We love

Wowpot seeding at a $50,000 jackpot

Top Jackpot Slots
  1. Hall of Gods – 95.3% RTP
  2. Devine Fortune – 96.59% RTP
  3. African Legends – 94.92% RTP
  4. Mega Moolah – 88.12% RTP
  5. Mega Fortune – 96% RTP

What Is a Jackpot Slot?

If we want to explain what jackpot slots are, first we have to clarify what a jackpot is. And, because we know you’re just as fired up for big wins as we are, we invite you to read on. Let’s get started.

Jackpots Jackpots

Jackpots, grand prizes or payouts are the monetary rewards given to players who stake and win at online slots and other games of chance (online bingo, online lottery, etc).

Depending on what slot you’re playing on an online casino (like Canadian Casino, Italian Casino etc), you can get a different maximum jackpot amount:

  • A fixed sum determined by the game manufacturer/software provider (as in the case of regular slots like Starburst or Wolf Gold).
  • A variable sum that grows exponentially the more stakes are placed by the players (as in the case of progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah).

The key takeaway is that a single game can offer more than one jackpot type.

In other words, you can get rich, filthy rich – or both! Yes, you’ve read that right.

Most online slots integrate multiple jackpots of different values, with suggestive names such as “mini” or “maxi jackpot”. As such, your chances of taking home at least one increase, too.

Who Can Play Jackpot Slots?

Anyone who is of legal gambling age (18 years old) is allowed to play online jackpot slots.

Don’t forget one small detail – you have to wager real money to win real money.

Makes sense, right? We’d love to tell you the opposite but, in the gambling world, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

In fact, if you’re playing the demo version of a jackpot slot, since you use bonus credits, you can’t cash out real money.

Even if you do win the jackpot, it’ll be nothing more than numbers on a screen or a “paper win”.

How Do Jackpots Work?

If fixed jackpots are pretty straightforward, understanding how progressive jackpots work can be a bit of a challenge.

But don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you.

Here’s a good analogy to remember – a group of friends all chipping in for dinner.

Progressive Jackpots Progressive Jackpots

You can think of progressive jackpots as crowd-funded prize pools that get bigger with every individual player contribution.

To make things easier for you, many Casino also have a live countdown displayed for some of their best progressive jackpots. This is meant to help you gauge if the maximum amount has been reached or not, and what the current value of the jackpot is.

Some Casino also have ‘overdue indicators' which signal to the players that a jackpot is due to be hit soon.

However, our advice is to take these indicators with a grain of salt – most often than not, they have no statistical relevance.

In other words, they won’t tell you for sure when and how to win the jackpot on online slots.

Disappointing, right?

But it also makes sense – there’s no such thing as a free lunch, as we mentioned.

These are merely tools used by the casino to keep you staking and coming back for more.

And, if you do, and you trigger that sweet win, is there really anything else you need to know?

Just keep in mind two small details:

  1. If you just won a jackpot, no matter what type, cashing out should ideally be just as straightforward. Your earnings should be eligible for withdrawal as soon as you’ve been crowned winner.
  2. In the case of a very large jackpot win, some Casino may not pay you the entire amount up front, but in fixed increments, because of their maximum withdrawal limits.

Top 10 Most Played Jackpot Slots Worldwide

#1 Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah, also known as ‘Millionaire Maker' in player communities, is by far Microgaming’s most popular title.

And there are many reasons why this slot is so well received –it has 25 adjustable paylines and low stakes between £0.01 to £6.25 per spin.

Although its RTP is lower than average (88.12%), the game compensates for this with 4 progressive jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega – as well as a free spins feature.

#2 Hall of Gods™

Hall of Gods slot

NetEnt’s Hall of Gods™ offers a captivating theme inspired by Norse mythology, quality accompanying visuals and sound effects.

So, if that’s what you’re into, you should put this one on your radar.

It features legendary characters such as Loki, Freya, Thor and Odin transposed into special symbols, and a Mega progressive jackpot that routinely passes $5.6 million.

A virtual trip to the Viking world has never been more profitable, wouldn’t you agree?

Bonus? It fits all pockets, big or small! The betting range starts at only $/$/£0.10.

#3 Arabian Nights™

top jackpot

Launched by NetEnt in 2005, Arabian Nights™ is a slot themed around Middle-Eastern folklore. It has a 5×3 reel structure with 10 fixed paylines.

What makes it extra impressive are the special Wild and Scatter symbols, the free spins rounds and its progressive-pooled jackpot.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s a jaw-dropping statistic – Arabian Nights™ paid out a record $4.8 million in 2010!

At the time of writing, its live jackpot stands at $660,132.

#4 Age of the Gods™

Age of the Gods™ is a 5-reel, 20 line video slot inspired by the ancient gods of Greek mythology – Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon and Hades. It boasts plenty of exciting features such as multipliers, jackpot free spins and bonus rounds.

Apart from the above, this game also has an amazing multi-level progressive jackpot – Power Jackpot (the lowest paying one, starts at £50), Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power (the highest paying one, starts at £100 000).

#5 Empire Fortune

Empire Fortune Slot

Empire Fortune is definitely Yggdrasil’s crown jewel – and not just because of the colourful precious stones elegantly depicted on the reels.

It’s also one of the provider’s most profitable titles, with a guaranteed jackpot value of $200,000, although it can even go higher – up to 1300x times your stake.

There are many interesting features to keep your eyes glued to the screen – including the free spins mode, the jackpot wheel spins and the high value symbols (the red, purple, green and blue jewels).

#6 Joker Millions

Joker Millions Slot

Joker Millions is another top-notch progressive jackpot slot from Yggdrasil, with an elegant reel design and classic symbols – bells, the number 7, cherries and jokers.

If you’re a fan of Vegas, this title brings America's Playground to your house. The jackpot starts at $50,000 – and just keeps going!

Protip: The best jackpots can only be won if you collect 15 joker symbols during the jackpot spin.

On average, this slot pays $2.4 million every 20 weeks, so get those pockets ready!

#7 Great Rhino Deluxe

Great Rhino Deluxe

Great Rhino Deluxe is a safari-themed video slot from Pragmatic Play. That is why its core special symbols are wild animals – flamingos, crocodiles, cheetahs and, of course, rhinos.

Some of its most important features are the two progressive jackpots – Super Jackpot (375x your stake) and Grand Jackpot (500x your stake).

The game has a very dynamic and interactive feel to it, as the rhinos on the reels seem to charge towards the player just like they would do in the wild.

Even if you don’t know how to play jackpot slots, you can try this title for free on Pragmatic Play’s official website.

#8 Genie Jackpots Megaways™

Genie Jackpots Megaways Slot

Genie Jackpots Megaways™ is a lesser-known, but equally profitable jackpot slot created by Blueprint Gaming. With a maximum win of £250,000, it is definitely worth a spin.

It follows a 6-reel, 5-row structure and includes a Megaways™ mechanic, free spins rounds, locking Wild symbols and a Buy The Bonus special feature.

The highest-paying symbols are the genie Wild, the genie jackpots, the treasure chest and the turban, in line with the slot’s Middle-Eastern theme.

#9 Aztec's Millions

Aztec's Millions Slot

Aztec’s Millions is a progressive slot created by Realtime Gaming. Taking you on a wild ride to the land of the Aztec pyramids, it has all special features players love, from bonus games to a jaw-dropping jackpot.

Although it has a rather retro and outdated design, Aztec Millions’ progressive jackpot often passes the $11 million mark, making it irresistible to most players.

#10 Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Holmes and the Stolen Stones is an adventure-themed video slot released by Yggdrasil, with a decent win potential and very-high quality visuals.

The Sherlock Holmes theme is bound to be a success with players who love solving a good mystery. Simply play detective by putting together all the clues and, of course, retrieving the stolen precious stones.

There are five separate progressive jackpots ranging from $40 to $10,000, and the declared hit frequency of the jackpot is 25.4%.

Why Should You Play Jackpot Slots?

Are you on the fence about trying your luck at jackpot slots online?

Below are a few things that may clear up any doubts you still harbour:

  • The potential for life-changing wins – Of all casino games, it’s progressive jackpot slots that have turned the most regular people into millionaires.
  • You don’t have to bet a lot to win a lot – The biggest winners in history have only bet a few pennies. Most modern jackpot slots have very accessible minimum bets (e.g. $0.20 per spin). Encouraging, right?
  • Multiple chances to win – A jackpot game gives you plenty of chances to win in a single game session. In some cases, only $10 will buy you 100 games. Yes, you’ve read that right – $10 can actually change your destiny!
  • There is a jackpot for every player type – If you’re not an adrenaline-seeker, you can always go for fixed jackpots from providers like EGT – e.g. Shining Crown, 40 Super Hot.
  • Thematic diversity – Jackpot slots come in all shapes and sizes (e.g. movie-themed, adventure, mythology, fantasy slots and others), so it’s impossible not to find one to your taste.
  • They are fun – Modern jackpot slots create the perfect cocktail to keep you entertained for hours (state-of-the art mechanics, special symbols, bonus features, 3D visuals and more).


How to Win at Jackpot Slots

Contrary to popular belief, jackpot slots can’t be rigged because they have pre-set payout rates and house edges.

Most quality modern jackpot slots use RNG (Random Number Generator) technology.

This means a win always gets triggered randomly, following the rules of probability.

The odds of winning at jackpot slots are similar to those of winning the lottery.

What differs is that online slots allow you to have multiple game sessions.

By contrast, lottery games are organised less frequently.

Smaller jackpots will always give you better odds to win than larger ones.

The explanation lies in the different levels of volatility and the theoretical pay rates.

These are programmed into the slot machine or online game by the manufacturer.

Sadly, you cannot manipulate these odds.

However, don’t get discouraged!

There are still steps to take to increase your chances of winning:

Strategies for Winning Jackpot Slots

To win or not to win? That is the question.

We always want our readers to take home those juicy prizes!

And, if you organise your next game session and plan ahead, you absolutely can.

Even when the odds seem staked against you.

Here’s how:

  • Understand the slot you’re playing – your odds of winning the best jackpots depend on your thorough understanding of the game mechanics, reels and special symbols.
  • If the jackpot has been won recently, skip that slot – once a jackpot has been won, the prize pool resets itself and your odds to win decrease.
  • Create an entire budget dedicated only to jackpot slots – if you play more than one casino game (poker, roulette, slots), separate your budget into categories.
  • Decide what jackpot you’re going for and bet accordingly – if you’re aiming for frequent, but smaller wins, keep your stakes low; if you’re after the big bucks, bet more on all paylines.
  • Follow the average time between payouts – some jackpot slots pay out at similar intervals during a year (e.g. the Hall of Gods jackpot is hit roughly every 24 weeks).


Types of Jackpots at Online Slots

Now, let’s get to the good part – how much can you win?

A jackpot game usually awards at least one jackpot type, such as:

  • Classic/fixed jackpots – These are paid out at regular or non-progressive slots. Their value is already set and can’t be changed in any way.
  • Progressive jackpots – These increase by a small amount every time the game is played, even if the jackpot is not won.
  • Seasonal jackpots (daily/weekly/monthly) – These are in-house jackpots, only given by a particular casino as part of a special promotion.
  • Mystery jackpots – Their maximum value is controlled by the casino, and multiple games participate in the prize pool.
  • Exclusive jackpots – These are given only to select player categories, such as VIP customers or high rollers.


What Is a Progressive Jackpot Network?

If the previous info made you an even bigger fan of progressive jackpots, imagine what fun entire networks of these games would be!

Here’s how it all works:

  1. Multiple local and pooled jackpot games are organised in a progressive jackpot network.
  2. A small percentage of every bet placed in the network counts towards the jackpot (roughly between 1 to 5%).
  3. A progressive jackpot network essentially shares jackpots across multiple Casino.
  4. The end result? The maximum jackpot amount grows more rapidly, as groups of players wager at the same time from a different location.

Because these partner Casino are interconnected, they will also typically utilise the same software.

Did You Know? Did You Know?

The largest progressive jackpot network in the world belongs to Microgaming, who have paid out over $1 billion to date.

Although other casino games are also included in the network, historically, it’s progressive jackpots that have paid out the most: Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis and Major Millions.

Did You Know? Did You Know?

NetEnt’s wide area progressive network is the second most profitable worldwide.

The provider has given us some of the best progressive jackpots out there: Mega Fortune™, Hall of Gods™, Arabian Nights™ and Divine Fortune™.

All of the above have awarded legendary, Guinness record-worthy wins.

Pretty sweet, right?


RTP, Variance, Volatility and House Edge Explained

RTP, also known as Return-to-Player, is the average percentage that is paid out to the player in the form of a win relative to the total amount wagered.

No casino game can have an RTP score of 100%, because that would mean the player always wins and the house always loses.

House Edge House Edge

The house edge is the advantage the casino always holds over its players, or the percentage of the total bets the casino always gets to keep.

Most online slots and slot machines have an RTP of 95%, meaning that the house will always have a 5% advantage over you.

Variance & Volatility Variance & Volatility

Variance and volatility can be considered synonyms – both refer to how often a slot pays out jackpots and how much those jackpots are usually worth.

For example:

  • Low and medium variance slots offer small- to medium-sized wins frequently.
  • High variance slots offer rarer, but more substantial wins.

Jackpot Slots – Key Terms to Understand

If you are new to jackpot slots, we understand that it may seem overwhelming at first.

As always, we’re here to simplify your journey.

Here are the main types you can go for:

  • Branded jackpot slots – These are based on popular franchises (TV shows, series, movies) or celebrities (e.g. Jimi Hendrix, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Deal or No Deal and so on).
  • Proprietary jackpots – Found only at a particular casino. 888casino is a good example here, famous for their high-exclusive jackpots – e.g. Gods of Gold, Once Upon a Dime.
  • Active payline – A payline with a bet placed on it.
  • Cold/Hot Jackpot Slots – Slots that haven’t paid out in a while are labelled ‘cold slots, whereas those that have been on a winning streak recently are called ‘hot slots'.
  • Instant Winner Jackpot Slot – In the case of a lucky win, the entire sum is paid up front.
  • Primary Jackpot – This is a term used for online slots with multiple jackpots, and it refers to the one with the highest value.
  • Big Hit – This is when a player hits the jackpot combination on a slot.


Jackpot Slots Freeplay & Mobile

Good news for mobile casino fans: playing on the go has never been easier!

The best jackpot slots are available to play for free:
  • Directly on the developer’s website (e.g. Yggdrasil, Playtech, etc)
  • At their partner Casino (you can trust these Casino to give you the best experience, as they'll be endorsed by the developers themselves)

Newer jackpot slots use HTML5 technology – they are compatible by default with modern mobile devices and operating systems. Older jackpot slots can cause compatibility issues if they use outdated Flash technology.

Some great Casino with a mobile-optimised platform, a mobile app, mobile slots or all of the above are:

Lastly, we can’t talk about popular mobile jackpot slots without also mentioning spin to win slots.

Easy to download and perfect for a smaller screen, these slots award you with hefty prizes ranging from $100 to $10 000 daily.


How to Choose a Jackpot Slot

Unlike school, any answer is the right answer here.

Allow us to explain.

If you like to go with your gut, you can base your choice entirely on personal taste or attachment to a software provider.

If you prefer to remain pragmatic, you can look at objective criteria that we also consider when doing our rankings, such as:

  • RTP scores – Fixed jackpot slots have RTPs of 94-96%. Progressive jackpot slots, on the other hand, still offer substantial prizes even at a lower RTP score (88-91%).
  • Historical payout – This is the average amount paid by a jackpot slot over a fixed period of time (e.g. 6-12 months).
  • Average jackpot value – This is the average value a jackpot hits over a fixed period of time, even without being claimed.
  • Number of jackpots – Some jackpot slots offer a single, substantial prize (e.g. Cash Splash) or a couple of jackpots that increase in value (e.g. Mega Fortune™).


Most Profitable Jackpot Slots

Ever wondered which jackpot slots have the best payout rates? Are you curious to also learn which have granted players the most explosive wins?

Look no further – here are our top jackpot slot picks if you’re looking for high returns:

  • Mega Joker – 99% RTP
  • Jackpot 6000 – 95% RTP
  • Mega Moolah – 88.12% RTP
  • Major Millions – 89.37% RTP
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.5% RTP


How to Choose a Jackpot Casino

When choosing a jackpot casino, you need to first determine three things:

  • Your risk tolerance level – Some jackpot Casino have games with lower or higher volatility.
  • Your budget – This will help you determine your player type and whether a regular jackpot casino is the right choice – or if you should look into high roller or VIP jackpot Casino.
  • Your goals – How much you want to win in one game session or over a set period of time.

After you’ve established your position on all of the above, you can also look into aspects such as:

  • Bonuses & Promotions – Always go for a casino with a good reward system (e.g. welcome bonuses, cash to recoup your losses and free spins at high paying jackpot slots).
  • Games selection – Every player’s risk level is different, so go for a jackpot casino with games that fit your profile – e.g. progressive slots with high volatility or non-progressive jackpot slots with lower risk.
  • Game providers – A good jackpot casino should work with providers known for creating high-paying, fair jackpot games (Play’n GO Casino, Red Tiger gaming sites, Pragmatic Play gambling websites, ETG Casino).
  • VIP perks – If you’re a high roller, your best bet is to go for a casino that actively rewards players like you (e.g. JackpotCity Casino, Playamo).
  • RTP scores – You shouldn’t be deterred by lower RTP scores for progressive jackpot slots since, as we mentioned earlier, that doesn’t translate into lower profitability.
  • Security, licensing and trust factor – Always play at jackpot Casino licensed by known regulatory bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Payment methods and limits – A good jackpot casino should offer at least 2-5 trusted payment methods (credit/debit cards, e-wallets like MuchBetter, Mifinity, Trustly, etc).


Where Can You Play the Best Jackpot Slots?

If you want to play for free or for fun, just head over to the game developer’s website – 99% of the time, you’ll find your favourite slot there.

If you’re looking to play for real money, choose a licensed, trustworthy casino, because you’ll also get solid perks like casino sign up bonuses or free spins that’ll boost your chances of winning.

To make your task easier, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list with the best international Casino to play at. Many also offer jackpot slots in the UK.

So, take a seat if you’re not already sat comfortably and let’s start:

  • LeoVegas

Owned by LeoVegas Gaming PLC. and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, LeoVegas is an award-winning casino that is highly popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Because it’s powered by Microgaming and NetEnt, you are bound to find quality games here, from jackpot slots to video poker, real-money roulette, real-money blackjack and Slingo games.

LeoVegas constantly comes up with great no deposit casino bonuses, too, making it a solid choice for beginners.

  • JackpotCity Casino

As its name suggests, JackpotCity Casino is the go-to place for big wins. With one of the most generous welcome packages on the market and a jackpot total that routinely passes £31,000,000, it’s the place to be if you’re a high roller.

Launched in 1998 and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Jackpot City offers eCOGRA-certified games. You can browse through over 500 titles, including some of the best jackpot slots such as Wheel of Wishes or Major Millions.

  • PlayAmo

PlayAmo Casino’s slogan is “The best way to win”– and this positioning translates into player-oriented promotions, such as reload bonuses and daily free spins.

PlayAmo also organises many tournaments for slots, table games and lotteries, such as “Slot of The Week” and “The Table Battle”.

What is also great about their offer is that they allow players to deposit and withdraw through more than a dozen payment methods, from debit cards and e-wallets to cryptocurrency.

  • Jonny Jackpot

Licensed by both the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, Jonny Jackpot is a solid pick for both new and experienced players.

They offer a great deal of promotions organised in a calendar, from multi-deposit match offers to an online loyalty bonus.

Jonny Jackpot is also a fantastic mobile casino, with titles optimised for all devices – here, you can enjoy jackpot slots, table games, live casino and scratch card games.

It gets even better – there are quality providers here that you won’t typically find at other Casino, including 1×2 Gaming, AGS, Ainsworth, and 2 By 2.

  • Mansion Casino

MansionCasino is a top name to add to your list, especially if you’re a fan of jackpot slots.

That is because, at the time of writing, the total value of the jackpots offered here was $44,207,192.

This site offers over 300 games as well as lots of promotions, such as cash-back, VIP perks and a refer-a-friend casino bonus.


Best Software Providers for Jackpot Slots

Competition breeds innovation, wouldn’t you agree?

The same applies to the creators of the best jackpot slots.

Every software provider wants to have a signature touch – for example, EGT is the pioneer of classic, vintage fruity jackpot slots, whereas Yggdrasil always draws inspiration from mythology.

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, here are some names that have truly revolutionised jackpot slots:

  • Microgaming – This Isle of Man developer constantly delivers high-quality jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis, Major Millions or Cash Splash.
  • NetEnt – Another top choice to go for, NetEnt is known for creating millionaire-making jackpot slots Mega Fortune™, Hall of Gods™, Arabian Nights™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™.
  • Playtech – This developer keeps creativity sky-high by tackling various themes, from mythology and movies to summer fun, whilst still delivering jaw-dropping prizes in Funky Fruits, Gladiator, Beach Life or Age of The Gods™.
  • Yggdrasil – Offering jackpots that can reach up to $100 000 on average, Yggdrasil is another name to put on your radar, along with their iconic titles Joker Millions and Empire Fortune.

Other lesser-known game providers that offer substantial jackpots are IGT and Cryptologic.

For example, IGT’s title Mega Jackpots offers a pooled jackpot of up to £1,000,000 that gets claimed roughly every 24 weeks.

Cryptologic, one of the oldest game providers in the industry, also offers a very profitable gem – Millionaires Club, a slot with a jackpot that frequently passes the £2,000,000 mark.


Most Impressive Jackpot Slot Wins in History

As much as we’d like to tell you the opposite, we won’t lie to you –there’s no such thing as a fixed recipe on how to win jackpot online slots.

Still, some people have defied all odds and took home jaw-dropping prizes, sometimes by betting no more than a few cents!

Sounds crazy? Here’s the proof:

  • An anonymous Grand Mondial Casino player won $18,915,872.81 at Microgaming’s Mega Moolah on September 28th, 2018, earning a Guinness World Record for the “largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game”.
  • A player at the Swedish casino Paf won $17,861,800 on the 13th of January 2013 through NetEnt’s Mega Fortune™, with a bet of only 25 cents.
  • One other lucky player at the Norwegian casino ComeOn! won $7,525,932.97 on the 15th of June 2017, through NetEnt’s Hall of Gods™.


New Jackpot Slots 2022

If you’re on the lookout for the hottest jackpot slot launches of the year so far, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some fresh titles to take for a spin today:

  1. Temujin Treasures – This Mongolian-themed Pragmatic Play video slot rewards you with 4 jackpots total, worth up to 8888x your stake and a high payout rate of 96.55%.
  2. Kingdoms Rise: Battle Beast – This fantasy-themed Playtech gem offers 4096 betways and three massive jackpots worth 10,000x your stake.
  3. El Dorado: Infinity Reels – Enchanting players with a Mayan-theme, this Yggdrasil video slot offers a juicy jackpot that adds a multiplier of 888x.


Alternatives to Jackpot Slots

If jackpot slots simply aren’t your bread and butter, even after reading all of the above, don’t worry.

There are plenty of other casino games that offer equally high payouts:

  • BlackjackReal-money blackjack has a huge win potential, with some blackjack variants offering RTPs of up to 99.5% (e.g. Pontoon, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack).
  • Video Poker – This classic card game requires both luck and skill to get the big bucks; however, some video poker variations are more profitable than others (for example, Jacks or Better has a jaw-dropping RTP of 99.56%).
  • European Roulette – This real-money roulette version has a better house edge (2.7%) compared to its American counterpart (5.25%), meaning that its average RTP is 97.3% on every spin of the wheel (not too shabby, right?).
  • Craps –With an average house edge of only 1.41%, this casino classic is known for offering some of the best odds to players.


Best Jackpot Slots Summary

So, what did we learn today?

Here is the stripped down version:

Jackpot slots can be split into two broad categories – progressive and non-progressive.

The best progressive jackpots grow by a small percentage with every player bet, whereas non-progressive slots have a capped maximum win.

NetEnt and Microgaming own the two largest progressive jackpot networks in the world.

Some of the best jackpot slots out there have made millionaires out of pennies, so you don’t always need to bet a lot to win a lot.

Although it’s a popular myth, in actuality, the best jackpot slots can’t be rigged because they use RNG (Random Number Generator) technology that ensures random odds and wins.


Best Jackpot Slots FAQs

A progressive jackpot is a type of slot whose jackpot increases progressively with the number of players betting on the game.

A fixed type of jackpot is capped to a fixed maximum sum and doesn’t increase with the player’s bets.

Smaller jackpots tend to be hit more often throughout the year, whereas large, 6-figure jackpots get claimed once a year on average.

This would be Microgaming’s Mega Moolah – it holds a Guinness World Record for the biggest progressive jackpot win in history.

They are slots with high prize pools, very often in the 6-figure range.

You will always find them at Casino that make jackpot slots a central part of their catalogue (e.g. Spin Casino, JackpotCity and SlotsMillion).

Not all the time. Historically, there have also been huge wins from bets smaller than $1.

Yes. Some of the best jackpot slots are available on the developer’s website for free (such as or or at their partner Casino.

Yes, you can, if the casino you’re playing at is mobile-optimised or has a mobile gambling app, and the jackpot slot you want to play is compatible with mobile devices.

There is no guaranteed way of triggering the jackpot at a given time. You can, however, track the jackpot’s live value, RTP rate and estimated payout times.

A loose slot is one that pays out more frequently and offers above-average wins.

Cristina Tudose

Cristina Tudose

I’ve been writing for the online casino industry for over 2 years now. During this time, I became passionate about player-centric content, especially slot and brand reviews.